Weight Loss RUNNING PRO App Reviews

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Great for slimming and feel well

So happy with that software I set my running rythmn on trendmill And i know how many km i did each time Clever

Keep running

Thanks to the app, I am still keeping up with the program. I dont think I wouldve without. More importantly, from 30min running with some walking I am now able to run 42-45min with no walking. Definitely a real progress in my runnings, thanks to the app. I also like the music add-on, I listen my own music though. The mix are not too bad but I prefer my own music.



Great App

I love that I can download playlists and that the intervals are timed for me... All I gotta do is run!

Love it!

Useful, challenging and complete application for all who want to start running and loose some weight at the same time! I highly recommend it

Running partner

Really appreciated. Best running app ever

Useful app

Very useful features. I enjoy working out with this app. Annoying in-app offers, even though i bought the paid version.

Keeps me on track!

Love this app. Provides input before, during , and after your workout. Keeps me motivated by sending me gentle reminders to keep going or to get out there!

Love this app!

I stumbled across this app and it is my new favorite. I was looking to get back into running and drop a few pounds in the process. This app helped me to do both! I love how it syncs your own personal music with the program. Great app!

Great App!!

Ive been trying to get bs I into running, and this App is just the ticket. Im trying the Premier version, as it seems to have a lot more features.

Love this app

This app is exactly what I needed to get running again. It motivates me and keeps me accountable. I highly recommend this app to anyone trying to get running.

Please Bring Old Version Back!

I have lost 40 pounds by using this app and watching what I eat. I use the Intermediate Walking program. I was motivated and eager to workout; however, since the most recent update I am now scheduled to walk 7 days a week and it has become more of a hassle than a motivator. When I miss a day of the program I cannot go back and complete the missed workout and it makes me feel like more of a failure than a walker. PLEASE bring back the old version of only 3-4 days per week of working out without having to pay $10 per month.

Breakthrough in Running

I have been trying to get into running for a long time. Within minutes of running I always have a burning sensation in my calves. Following the apps training I was able for the first time to get past the burning sensation! This app is awesome and with the music timed to the pace, I found myself enjoying running for the first time!!

Completely Broken

I used to really like this app, but it is now completely unusable (both the FREE and PRO versions). Ill only list the CONS here because they are deal-breakers. You can read the marketing for the PROS : CONS - Full Battery dies at roughly 4 miles. - Workouts randomly pause and dont tell you...so after 1 hour, you find that you have run 1/2 mile. So, that’s right. While this app used to be great, about a month ago, it just crapped out. Both my wife and I use this app on our iPhone 6s and the same thing occurs for both of us. We start out with a full battery, hit play on our podcasts, then start our run. IF the app pauses without telling you, youll finish your run about an hour later and notice that the damned thing stopped 0.5 miles in....so much for tracking that run! IF it doesnt randomly pause, it will drain the battery completely within about 45 mins. Again, we both experience the same thing on two different iPhones and on both the FREE and PRO versions. Also, we have tested the same routine using the Nike Running App, MapMyRun, and Runkeeper - and in all cases, we have full feedback for the entire run and the battery is at 80% at the end. So there you have it - if they fix the problems this is a great app....but until then, its completely frustrating and unusable.

Hate the new version!!!

It used to be so simple and great to use. Now its too much of a hassle to navigate. I can count my own days off and look for diet tips myself. I just need the interval training three days a week. And it doesnt have to for weeks on end. The eight weeks of trading was perfect.


Very hard to use. My phone still goes to sleep even when the app is running. And when it goes to sleep it stops notifying you of when you need to change pace. So basically you have to keep up with everything yourself. You have to struggle to keep up with time, get your phone open, adjust the treadmill (if thats what your using) all the while the seconds are ticking away in each cycle while youre supposed to be exercising. Because it doesnt pause while you are adjusting either. Disappointed!!!!

Forced days

You used to be able to pick your days of the week to run, now it forces you to use there schedule. Please change it back!!!! Not all of us have the same schedule and need to pick which days of the week we do our runs.

Great running app!

No thinking needed! JUST RUN

Great app

I love this app. It has made me a better runner and I see results

Update has broken this app

This app used to be great- but an update makes it worse, not better. Nor is it worth it to pay for this one versus the free version. Some times it will randomly reset a workout- even though the workout is finished. Or say you have missed a run, even though you have completed it (or you have missed a workout when there wasnt one scheduled). I used a version Years ago that was way better!!

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